Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Time to redefine the 1911

Off the top of your head name the top 5 fighting pistols on the market today. You may choose a polymer striker fired gun like a glock or m&p or xd. You may opt for a DA/SA hammer fired gun like a Sig or fn, and I agree with that. The only thing I don't understand is that how does the 1911 creep into most people's short list when it comes to choosing a firearm that may need to be brought to bear one day. For some reason it will be there for most folks. I would like to submit that the 1911 belongs with the colt police positive and the s&w model 59 series, great guns, fun guns at the range, beautiful guns. but that's what dad or grandad carried that's not my generations gun that isn't the best I can get it's not the best gun for the job. It should be a display gun or when you want to open carry as a  show off gun but never something that should be looked at a serious self defense tool. Look at anyone who consults or writes about concealed carry or home defence the one thing almost(and the only reason I say almost is because even though I have never found evidence of it someone believes it somewhere) everyine agrees on is that manual safeties on handguns are redundant and dangerous. Even massad ayoob is guilty of this saying that safties have no place on an edc gun yet carries a 1911 from time to time. That being said let me make myself perfectly clear that Mr ayoob has forgotten more about firearms than I will ever know and as much as I hate that saying cause it's ridiculous in this case it is true I will always hold him as the premier authority in concealed carry. Even so I find it a tad hypocritical. Lets look at the pros of the 1911.
- Slim Grip Frame
Feels very natural in many peoples hand most folks can get a very good purchase on the pistol.

-Single Action Trigger
You really cannot beat a crisp single action trigger which is why it's a great competition gun or race gun.

- Nostalgia
I mean I can understand how someone can just love the handgun that won the second world war and the idea that dad or uncle had a 1911 and a flashlight in Vietnam.

- Beauty
Another part of the whole nostalgia thing is the sheer beauty of the gun it's a very pretty gun one of the best looking guns available right now.

- Tight Tolerances
the fact that most quality 1911 have to be hand fitted and it takes craftsmen to build a reliable version means its one of the most inherently accurate semi auto handguns on the market.

Now lets look at the cons.

- Capacity
The fact that in the 21st century you have a full sized auto loading handgun in the single digits for capacity is ridiculous you can have a gun that weighs less and carries almost twice as many rounds.

- Safety
I touched on the manual safety earlier but do you not trust the grip safety or the mind safety (keeping your finger out of the trigger well). Do you need the thumb safety also even if your answer is yes that's one more thing you have to worry about when you have more important things to do.

the old saying that a .38 or .22 in the packet beats a .45 in the closet is pretty much calling out he 1911 by name i mean its a large gun which makes t hard to conceal anywhere tat isnt alaska or Minnesota and its all steel which means it weighs about the same as a full size glock and a half.

- Tight Tolerances
the fact that most quality 1911 have to be hand fitted and it takes craftsmen to build a reliable version means its one of the most finicky and unreliable handguns on the market.

Now if we look at the pros of this particular handgun, logic would steer you to use this gun in a few very specific uses and those are range gun, race gun, showoff gun. On the other hand look at all the cons and that would also steer you to stay away from some roles such as concealed carry gun, duty gun as a cop or shtf or survival gun.

All this being said can we please stop acting like the 1911 was handed down by god himself to save humanity from small diameter, high velocity cartridges. Its a GREAT gun and at the roles I stated in the pros column it may be the greatest gun for all those roles but every time I see someone carrying a 1911 I just wonder why you would ever do that to yourself, if you go through all the steps of trying to become a legally responsible ccl holder why arm yourself with a weapon that lends itself to everything that concealed carry isnt.