Saturday, August 30, 2014

A reluctant review (bullsye iwb hybrid holster)

It was not, and still isn't my intention to do reviews I understand that my opinon doesnt matter, I haven't been carrying long and don't have a good full spectrum view of all the products out there. However I would like to say that I really don't like this holster. Its the bullseye IWB holster, not the full size cause that has 2 clips and would make sense given... science I guess, but the one that I have really sucks. I mean it is my fault for buying it really but I had just got my blue label deal on a Glock 23 and was very happy and wanted to carry it and I had a OWB patriot holster from bravo concealment which I would like to stay is absolutely fabulous however I wanted something that was inside waistband cause it would be easier to conceal day to day. Well I get the only one that was there which was this $60 bullseye holster now it says it fits all the 9mm .40 and .357 sig glocks and that's cause the bottom is open and the trigger guard is the exact same on all those so it so I thought cool now if I get any other Glock I can use the same holster. But its not really fitted for a Glock like the patriot was it was fitted for... gun and that's about as specific as the fitting goes, now its a hybrid holster so retention isn't really that great unless your wearing it again OK I get it however even then its not great the leather is really nice tho. Now to the one clip system, this really isn't a knock on this specific holster or this company just the whole one clip idea as a whole. Why would you use just the one clip there is no advantage and a million reasons why it sucks. I live in south GA so ya it gets hot here and I'm not wearing two shirts to conceal a gun, sorry I know that concealed means concealed but I'm doing it in a shirt and shorts no more cause its simply too damn hot for that. That being said I need something that will conceal very nicely and won't bring any more attention to myself than I have to being dresed down for concealment but when I have to grab and readjust my gun because it pretty much rests on one pivot point and does what everything else does when forced to balance it moves all over the damn place. and like I stated before and we all know that grabbing your gun all the time doesnt really play into the whole concealed gray man concept. Not to mention that the gun has a degree of cant based on what foot you are currently standing on and what the barometric pressure is a consistant draw is almost impossible and if you belive the whole 3000 reps doctorine then I would have to say that you wouldnt be a fan, here now I saw on thier website that they make a 2 clip model that covers more area and seems to solve alot of the issues i have discusssed outside of the retention issue obviously but I wouldnt be reluctant to buy that one however im 99% sure I will be buying the new alien gear holster at 1/3 of the price and replaceable shells for life you cant beat it I mean its the only holster ive ever seen that doesnt care if you buy a new carry gun I think this holster might break the whole I have 3 guns and 4000 holsters mold of most old timers that have been carring a long time.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

1911 bashing (hopefully for the last time)

If there is one thing that I am universally passionate about when it comes to guns is the hate of 1911s. I don't really have a particular make, model, or caliber that I love so much that I would carry nothing else, but I do have a distinct dislike for the 1911 I REALLY wish I didn't I mean its almost unamerican to hate the 1911 my grandfather had one when he was in the army and marines and there should be some nostalgic effect there but I don't, I think they are antiquated and useless outside of a range gun it serves that purpose well much like a colt python but who outside of rick grimes would carry one.

1. It has a manual safety

  • Everyone who is an expert in concealed carry agrees that manual safeties are 2 things, redundant and dangerous. Yet most of them carry one even Massad Ayoob (let me clear one thing up I hate the saying "he has forgotten more about blank than I will ever know however that does ring true with Mr Ayoob and myself). He even has a picture of a 1911 on the cover of his gun digest concealed carry book. 
2. Firepower
  • It carries 8 rounds and weighs 2.4 pounds, there are literally too many guns to count that double that capacity with almost half the weight, there is absolutely no reason to carry something that's twice as heavy and has half the rounds its counter intuitive. The fact that there are revolvers that carry the same amount really says something about the age of the design
  • In a time in which unless the entire line has never had a malfunction ever then its not good enough to carry, for some reason the 1911 is still considered good enough even though it is built to very tight tolerances and has reliability issues when introduced to dirt. There are many posts videos and articles about how to make a 1911 more reliable and havent found too many about a Glock reliability 
4. .45 ACP
  • I'm also not a very big fan of the .45 in today's world the only place I would own a .45 in New York or some other communist state where, I mean if I can only have 7 rounds they may as well be big ones well no I would carry a .357 something with more proven stopping power. There are plenty of very lethal rounds that offer tons more capacity. And don't give me the but they don't work bs argument no pistol round really is effective enough to be considered to have 1 shot lethality so I would rather have more of them. 
5. Manual Safety
  • As I said in the beginning the manual safety is the one thing that I hate. Having been in the Army, the safety Nazis from hell I understand the utter redundancy that comes with safety but the free market isn't where I go to be told I'm too dumb to not shoot a gun when im not supposed to I have 12 hours a day to do that so I really don't want anything coming between me and having to stop an aggressor. 
6. The fact that everyone loves it so damn much

  • There is literally nothing outside of the fact that its pretty that makes the 1911 a great gun. Yet everyone loves these things, swears by them and will carry nothing else but when you ask them they say "because they don't make a .46" or "because why mess with perfection" or some other ridiculous overly macho dumb ass statement that doesn't have any actual thing to do with the effectiveness of a firearm or constitute a smart purchase. 

O ya that and they cost too much I could buy 2 Glocks for a Kimber or some other high end 1911.

Same gun same place (a manual of arms debate)

In the carry gun world a lot is given to caliber it is without a doubt the most debated topic in the field, but another one which is highly debated is manual of arms. while there is .45 guy who would carry a derringer as his EDC as long as its in the holy caliber, and there is Mr fan boy who thinks that any pistol not created by Gaston Glock may as well be a hi point I am of the mindset that when it comes to the gun itself and manual of arms it doesn't really matter unless you carry the bane of my existence, the 1911 so I sometimes carry a ugly black block with a round in the chamber because you know it was made this side of 1950 all I have to do is draw and pull the trigger. When I carry my revolver I draw and pull the trigger, when I carry my s&w model 59 which is DA/SA, I draw and pull the trigger the only difference between the 3 is the weight of the trigger which honestly I would like to think that the difference between a 5 pound trigger in a Glock and a 11 pound trigger in a double action revolver or pistol would be negligible in a high stress situation. and it kinda sucks cause a lot of the ideas I have to write about are really just killing all that is the gun writing industry I mean really any bullets will kill someone. Every gun without a external safety functions the same and even some guns that do have manual safeties just draw and fire like the s&w model 59 with the safety disengaged it has that double action trigger pull in fact almost every gun outside of the 1911 can function perfectly safe with the manual safety off after that it all comes down to personal preference do you want the same trigger pull every single time, then a striker fired gun is your gun or a double action revolver but only crazy people and old men carry those anymore (and me of course) but I feel that there are distinct advantages of a DA/SA hammer fired gun. They offer the initial safety of a double action trigger pull with the accuracy and reduced split times of a single action trigger pull, subsequent rounds and many guns now have realized the danger of a manual safety and have opted for just a decocker like the new CZ line of pistols like  the PO9 which I feel is one of the best pistols on the market it offers the advantages of the DA/SA system I've said before and in the 9mm version. Its a 19 plus 1 which you really cant beat 20 rounds of 9mm on hand. I would own and carry a DA/SA gun but the one I have been looking at right now the lionheart lh9 sells for about 600-700 and i don't have that to spend on a carry gun when I have 2 carry guns right now. but simply put the actual manual of arms in every handgun given its carried in the condition it should be draws and shoots the same way. draw aim fire debate resolved.