Wednesday, July 9, 2014

cartridge nostalgia

The .45 ACP you know it and either you like it or you carry a 1911, have a jmb bobblehead on your dash and wear shirts that say "how many glocks killed nazis?" And if you enjoy antiquated technology go for it doesnt bother me any but I have a question for .45 guy. Why is it that you love the .45, and I know the typical answers. "Cause they don't make a .46" and "because if it's good enough for grandpappy in the trenches killing Nazis or dad clearing tunnels in Vietnam then it's good enough for me" and I take the same approach as before go for it not my style. But ok now why do you own an ar 15? I mean grandpappy carried a .30-06 a man's cartridge and daddy either carried a .308 or he wish he did cause your .22 is for children and women. Why is it that people love to carry this nostalgic notion that everytime they go to the range (and pay .20¢ per round more than me) that an eagle flies out of the barrell and somewhere across the world a Chinese flag catches fire. Yet at the hunting club or at the gun shop no one is like "I own a .30-06 cause they don't make a .31-07" most people can agree that the round created over a 100 years ago is ballisticly inferior to many rounds created more recently, yet god forbid anyone badmouth the .45 or the Nazis may take over again like it has some supernatural abilities that kill people by looking at your 1911. (One last thing, if grandpa was given a glock 17 he wouldn't have bitched about the grip being too wide or the angle hurting his wrist.)

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