Saturday, July 12, 2014


Now I do carry a .40, it honestly has nothing to do with the round or the ballistics or the fact that I hate the 9 or the .45 (I don't hate the .45 I do think the people who carry it are amusing tho.) I'm not to deeply rooted in any cartridge I also carry a .38 from time to time. But I digress, I can't seem to understand why people hate the .40 so much. I have a list the arguements I keep hearing, and I'm gonna offer reasons why I disagree.

1. Increased chamber pressure that wears guns faster. No, now I'm not what you would call an expert (I'm a self appointed internet gun expert but not someone that other people would call an expert.) However SAAMI is and the fact that they list max standard pressure at 35000 pounds psi for each means that it obviously isn't higher pressure. So there you go facts and numbers prevail. Well not really because the gun industry is more fueled by hearsay and rumors but still at least the 2 people who read this will know better.

 2. And this one comes mostly from 10mm guy. Who has this envy/ hatred that the .40 is more popular than the 10mm, it's the .40 short&weak argument, it basically comes from like I said envy. I don't know who else is as mad that a round came from their parent cartridge. 10mm guy is the hipster of the handgun world and there like " Ya I carry a 10mm it's basically a .44 mag in an auto, ya you probably haven't heard of it no big deal but it'll blow a whole in you twice what a .45 can do." I have never seen so much hate/ envy From the parent case. Bubba who has shot a .30-06 his whole life doesn't make fun of his buddy who shoots a .25-06 or a .270.

3. " the .40 answers a question Noone asked" arguement and this comes from the guy who is already rooted in their caliber. To this I say most of the police departments in the nation are obviously asking that question being that it's the most carried caliber by police in this nation. Also there are a slew of folks who trust their lives to the .40 every day it must be doing something right

All in all I'm not a .40 guy I just have never understood all the hate maybe just cause it's the new guy on the block or that people refuse that something can come around better than the technology of ww2 but I see nothing but more popularity for the .40 as time goes on.

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